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Information-Tech Literacy Hacks

What is an Informational "Hack"?

A "life hack" is a strategy or "workaround" that can make daily activities more efficient.  Life hacks can be employed to save time or use what is "on hand" in place of something else.  It used to be called "improvising."

An Information-Technology Literacy "hack" is a short set of quick information designed to improve everyone's understanding of Information-Tech Literacy--and, if applied, to increase one's skills in this area.  

These "hacks" are contained in a smart-looking bookmark. Please print them out and pass them along!  Remember, Information-Technology Literacy is a LIFE SKILL and can benefit everyone! 

Information Literacy Terms 1

Google Tricks 1

Boolean Basics

MLA 8 Citations 1

Information Literacy Terms 2

Google Tricks 2

Boolean Searching

MLA 8 Citations 2

Preventing Plagiarism

Using Databases


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