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Digital Resources

User Guides

Databases: ProQuest Guide

This two page guide will help you navigate and briefly introduce filtering components for the ProQuest database available on the MRHS Library website.

Databases: SIRS Discoverer and eLibrary Guide

This two page guide will help you find and navigate SIRS Discoverer and eLibrary databases available on the MRHS Library website.


All Databases are accessible without username or password while on MRHS Campus. 
To access databases from off-campus, go to or Please see Ms. C for username and password.


A sophisticated, academic database. Contains wide variety of periodicals: newspapers, magazines, journals, news wires, etc. 

eLibrary Curriculum 

Another excellent information resource. Provides tidy overviews and articles over a wide range of topics. 

SIRS Discoverer

SIRS contains multi-media, informational resources that are easily navigated and searchable. 


Need quick information about a country?  Go to Culturegrams.  This database provides a brief overview of every country in the world, including information about the key features of any nation.  


Other Student Databases

eBooks and Encyclopedias

Infobase Books

See Ms. Carlson for username and password for these excellent online text resources. 

World Book Online

No username or password is needed to access this comprehensive online resource. Four reading levels and in Spanish.


School: MRHS
Username: Mount
Password: Rainier

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