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Diploma Programme


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB) is an internationally recognized college preparatory program available to students at Mount Rainier High School. This program, open to 11th and 12th graders, offers a wide variety of courses to highly motivated students. 

IB courses are designed to accelerate student learning and skill acquisition key to success in college. IB courses teach students how to analyze complex tasks, thoughtfully question and challenge claims in various fields of knowledge, and to reach conclusions about culture and language. The International Baccalaureate Organization seeks to guide students toward becoming productive, well-rounded, and participatory members of society. 

For more information about the IB program in general, please visit their website.

For more information about the specifics of the IB program at MRHS please contact the IB Coordinator directly with any remaining questions. 

College Planning

Please visit our College & Career page to learn more about planning and paying for college.

Our College & Center is located on the first floor across from the Attendance Office. 

Program Information

The presentations below provide accurate and thorough information on the titled subject, but please contact the IB Coordinator with remaining questions at 206-631-3308. 

IB Diploma at a Glance 
A one-page summary from IBO about the Diploma Programme.

IB Program Orientation 
Intended Audience: Parents of MRHS students interested in learning more about the IB Diploma Programme for 11th and 12th grade
Contents: A description of the IB program; its requirements and benefits

IB Exams
Exams include and internal and external components.  The internal component is administered and assessed by the classroom teacher.  Samples are sent to IB for moderation.  The external component consists of a variety of tasks depending on the subject area.  

Pen and paper exams take place in May, during the school day, at Mt. Rainier High School.  Most subject areas have 2 "papers" and are tested in 45 min to 2 hour blocks over two days.  Exam dates and times may not be adjusted for extra curricular competitions or family vacations.

Exams are FREE to all students and carry the possibility of college credit.


Extended Essay (EE)

IB requires Diploma students to undertake an independent research project in a subject of their choosing and write 3500-4000 word essay on their findings.  This highly individualized project allows the Diploma student to demonstrate their research, thinking, and communication skills through the investigation of a topic of individual interest.  Students work with a faculty supervisor for 3-6 hours over the course of the project.  Diploma students begin this project in the junior year and have roughly one (1) year in which to complete their work.



Creativity Activity Service (CAS)

IB requires Diploma students to participate in self-directed of experiences that begin in 11th grade and continues uninterrupted for 18 months.  Students should design a program that reflects a balance between the three CAS components and allows the student to meet the CAS guidelines (inclusive of the Student Learning Outcomes, CAS Stages and Group Project).

Four types of service


ManageBac is a former-DP-Candidate-designed platform used by our current DP Candidates to record monthly reflections on their CAS progress